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China redrawing Australia’s landscape

GUNNEDAH, Australia: Tony Clift’s family has plowed the rich black soil of Australia’s Liverpool Plains for six generations. The thought of selling never crossed his mind - until a Chinese company came to town.

Shenhua Watermark Coal offered to buy farms at unheard-of prices. The decision wasn’t easy, Clift says. His pioneer ancestors


Long-term review: Infiniti QX 56 - Week 6

There is a new inductee in the wheels long-term fleet this week and I’ll save you a long-drawn build up; it’s a Ferrari California. Naturally, the team is extremely excited as this is perhaps the first time ever that Maranello has lent anybody one of their cars for a whole month. But we’ll curb our enthusiasm for now as there are other press


Cyber Monday starts online shopping season

From their control tower, surrounded by 16 screens monitoring every part of the 2.2m sq ft of warehouse space below, staff at John Lewis’s 58m distribution hub in Milton Keynes were braced for what they hoped would be the busiest online shopping day of the year.

So-called Cyber Monday had already had a sprinting start with 6,000 orders arriving


‘We want artists to be able to create music’

With more than 20m active users and 5m paying subscribers, Spotify is the most popular subscription-based digital music service in the world.

It’s also one of the most lucrative for the music industry, having paid out $500m to rightsholders since its launch in October 2008. Yet chief executive Daniel Ek isn’t blind to the faults of his streaming m


iTuning in: Apple’s music store opens in UAE

iTunes 11 Review
Apple recently announced the availability of the iTunes Music Store in the UAE and over 50 other countries. Even though iTunes has been around for about 11 years – which in ‘technology years’ is well above a millennium – the Music store has only been available in a select few markets. As a result, while many of us have


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